Old iPhone: Alive and Kicking

So I still have my old iPhone. As I have plans to develop some iPhone Apps, it seems to make sense to keep it around. I could use it to test my Apps, without causing any problem in my new iPhone, which I rely on for communication.
Once you write off the phone as “worthless” it suddenly becomes extremely valuable. I pulled the SIM card out, to make sure there is no confusion in the system, and I am able to use WiFi to surf the Web, check email, play videos, etc. I can also use all the Apps I installed, and sync with iTunes to put must on there. It is essentially an iPod Touch with a camera and a mic. And that, in itself, is a very nifty device. If a Skype. application ever arrives, it could become my main office phone. Right now, it can be a Pandora streaming music box. I can use it as a voice recorder. I can pass it around the room with the Band App and someone can play drums while I play piano on my new iPhone. I could even use it to complete replace my alarm clock — I can set alarms, have it play music, check the news on the Web, and even my email.
The bottom line is that this old iPhone may just be starting its life as a cool gadget, not ending it.