Online Course: iMovie

iMovie: Creating Videos On Your Mac is a complete course with more than 30 videos and 4 hours of instruction that will teach you how to use iMovie to edit your clips together into short films. You’ll learn how to use all of the tools in iMovie such as the precision editor, transitions, titles, backgrounds, overlays and much more.

iMovie is the video editor that comes with your Mac. It is both easy and fun to use. You can take videos shot on your iPhone or digital camera and create your own movies for home or work use.

This course starts off with a very simply example of how to use iMovie to stitch a few clips together. Then you’ll learn how to trim, crop and adjust individual clips to make them look better. You’ll see how you can add standard video elements like text, titles, transitions and background audio. You will also learn how to use more advanced techniques like putting two videos on the screen at the same time in an overlay or split screen. You’ll find out how to speed up and slow down video and apply special filters.

This course is meant for casual Mac users. iMovie is not a pro tool, but something that typical Mac users can work with to produce their own movie projects. With only a basic understanding of how to use your Mac you can now learn how to produce your own movies for home, school or work.

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