MacMost Now 789: Password Protecting Small Bits of Data

There are many ways to password protect and encrypt small pieces of data on a Mac. You can use Keychain Access to encrypt a note in your keychain. You can use Disk Utility to create a small encrypted disk image. The app Evernote allows you to encrypt a piece of text inside a note. You can also use the Terminal to create a password protected zip file.

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    Dr. Mikey
    11 years ago

    Great stuff as usual Gary.

    The method I've always used is to Print from a word processor, select Save As PDF, then with the Security button select a password for opening, and perhaps a separate one for copying from and/or printing the file. This gives you a quickly generated portable file readable on most systems.

    Think there's anything wrong with this that I've spaced on?

    Nilesh Parmar
    11 years ago

    I like Apple encrypt drives on disk utility :)

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