MacMost Now 788: Pixelmator Layers and Masks

Learn how to use layers in Pixelmator. You can place one image on top of the other and then use masks to blend them. You can use a simple clipping mask to quickly reveal only part of an image. You can use a layer mask to create cool effects like blending two images together gradually.

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    Phil Ridokanakis
    12 years ago

    Great explanatory video! Thanks.

      12 years ago

      Thanks Gary!
      Can't wait to try this out. Love your tutorials, I always learn from them.

    12 years ago

    Gary, could you run through these tricks a little more quickly for me? I use Pixelmator too, but find it to be so incredibly packed with features, I get all tangled up in the program and it leaves me frustrated...superb program, just overwhelming at times. Thanks for the help!

    12 years ago

    Loved this. Need MORE! Ty.

      poppy fogarty
      12 years ago

      Being an oldie I am finding that video tutorials are difficult for me to completely understand and wonder if there is a printed manual for Pixelmator I could purchase?
      This would me me use Pixelmator with much more confidence. Thanks Poppy

        12 years ago

        Like with most software you can find a manual by going to the Help menu.

    12 years ago

    Gary, I'm thinking about getting Pixelmator based on your videos, but the latest version is really being slammed by customer reviews in the MAS. Have you been having any major problems with it?

      12 years ago

      Haven't had any problems myself. But you'll need to decide what is right for you. Not sure why there are so many people complaining -- with reviews people are always ready to complain, but those that like a product don't usually think to praise. For $30 it isn't much of a risk to try.

      Andrew Broyles
      12 years ago

      Don't let the mixed reviews scare you away. Pixelmator had several rough updates during the 1.0 release. (Memory bloat, incompatibility with certain graphics cards, etc...) The developers didn't communicate very well, and some of us got a bit frustrated. Eventually all these core issues were resolved. The newest version enhances the user interface makings for a more polished experience. This app is a great value at twice the price.

    Barry Chertov
    12 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! I've tried to figure out masks a few times and never could. Thanks again, masked man! Keep the Pixelmator demos coming!

    12 years ago

    Thanks Gary, I'm just starting out with Pixelmator and found that very useful. I liked the pacing of the video a lot - relatively fast moving but always clear. More please! :)

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