Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth Headset

Little bluetooth headsets are super cool gadgets — reason enough to get one. So I tried to figure out what the most solid unit out there was, without breaking the bank. I came up with the popular Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset. It works with both the iPhone and the Mac, where it provides a decent external microphone for chat or voice recording.

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    4/5/11 @ 5:33 pm

    Hi Gary,

    I have a bluetooth Plantronics BackBeat 903. Works great with the iPod Touch 2nd generation, BlackBerry Storm, and sometimes with the Mac. It sometimes makes my 15″ MacBook Pro hang, after which I delete the device and re-pair it with the Mac, for a few days or weeks of decent performance. I’ve also never been able to get the mic on it to work with the Mac.

    That said, two separate Geniuses have told me that Bluetooth headsets don’t tend to play nicely with the Mac (though they do with the iPod, iPhone and iPad).

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