Printing Monthly Calendars

The Calendar app makes it useful to print out blank monthly calendar pages for use at work or home. You can also include events or birthdays on the printed page. This can be useful for planning or just having a calendar in a room away from your Mac.
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With the new year coming you may already be thinking about calendars. There are the decorative calendars that you may have around your home. But you may have more functional calendars saved for work or for your home office that you can write on, scribble on, put on notes, or maybe print out with information you already have in your calendar on your Mac.

There is a great print function in the Calendar app on your Mac. Here I am in the Calendar app and you see I've got a couple of things here on my home calendar. Say I want to print this out. I want to have something for January. I go to File, Print and I want to change View to Month. You can see it prints up a pretty nice looking calendar here.

I can customize it in a number of ways. So, for instance, I can say there are certain calendars I don't want to be on there and certain ones that I do. Or I can just turn them all off and have a blank calendar which is kind or handy if you want to plan something out and you want something on paper that you can scribble on. You can choose what type of events can be on there. For instance I can say I don't want any timed events, events that are a specific time, just all day events there or vice versa.

The mini calendar is what's up here. You can turn that off. The keys are the little codes here that show you what calendar each event is on. So let's say if something starts on January 2017 and we'll print twelve months out to December 2017. You can see the color codes here. You can see these little codes. I can change the text size to big so you can see it a little bit bigger. You can see it's blue right there to match the Home calendar blue. I can turn off the calendar keys so they're gone if I want to save a little space.

I can zoom in here if I wanted to see what the calendar is actually going to look like before I print it. It's really handy because it's a nice looking calendar. I mean it gives you a lot of nice space to write in. I've used this before to plan long trips just printing out that month so I can write on the calendar some ideas I've got. Afterwards when everything is already in the Calendar app I can then print it out and have a printed copy to take with me of everything going on and what days they're on.

You can also do some things after you hit Continue. Then it goes to the Print dialogue here. You can choose your printer but you can also go ahead and look at the details. If you don't see all this stuff it's because you have to hit the Show Details button here. You can see I've got twelve pages that will be printed. One of the cool things you can do here is go to Layout and change it to say 2 up and then you have two per page or even 4 up, like that, that's really handy for printing something really small to being with.

So a lot of different options there for printing out kind of functional calendars you can have right now out of your printer from the Calendar app. You can even do things, like say, you just want a calendar of all the birthdays. Then you have your Birthday Calendar turned on and it's grabbing birthdays from your Contacts and then you can see that on your calendar. That's something you're not going to get on the pretty calendar you buy at the mall.

You can also create a calendar that's specific to things you want to be on a printed out calendar. Like say maybe the days you are planning to take off from work next year, vacation plans, things like that. Print out the calendar and be able to have a copy of it posted on the wall for you to see maybe in your kitchen or something away from your Mac.

Take a look at the monthly printing functions in the Calendar app as the new year comes to us and see if you can use them to create something useful.

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    Robert Mills
    2 years ago

    Thanks for all video’s,
    Happy New Year

    Mike Kobrick
    2 years ago

    Terrific as usual Gary, and thanks.

    Major Calendar fan here, and use it often. I print out a years worth, carry that around to meetings, et al, then every few days insert any changes to the Mac version and print it out again.

    But – if I have more than one paper copy there’s no way to tell which is newest. So here’s the question – do you know any way to include on the printout the date is was printed? I could always write it somewhere in the corner of course, but that seems so last year ;-)

    2 years ago

    Mike: I can think of lots of ways, but they are all hacks, no better than your “write it somewhere solution” — in fact they probably take more time. Like printing using the PDF button and sending it to Preview, then using annotations to add the date. See what I mean?

    Mike Kobrick
    2 years ago

    Gary – thanks for the very quick response (or dude, get a life!)
    Haven’t found the annotate – add date command in Preview yet, but I’m sure I will. Maybe better than writing..
    BTW, I hope Apple is paying you well for this site (best thing on the interweb) and that’s saying a lot! Thanks again…

    2 years ago

    Mike: There’s no “add date” command in Preview annotations, I was just suggesting typing the date manually. But that really isn’t any better than writing the date like you do now.
    Apple doesn’t pay me anything — MacMost is a completely independent site. Thanks!

    George Kolovos
    2 years ago

    Hi. Cool. Many thanks. Question: instead of printing, could I possibly export it to (for example) Numbers, so I can process as a second stage (whenever I please) and finally print out to my discretion?

    2 years ago

    George: You can export it as a PDF, but not as an entirely different type of document (Numbers). However, Numbers has a Calendar template — check that out.

    George Kolovos
    2 years ago

    👍🏻 Thx. A Happy New Year, everyone. 👋🏻

    2 years ago

    In France the weeks run vertically, and of course, lundi, mardi. Etc. Possible in calendar?

    2 years ago

    Norm: I don’t know about that. I assume you have your location and language set to France/French. Beyond that, you’d know better than me if Calendar had a special French mode.

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