Productivity Series: Reminders Lists

I use the Reminders app in a few ways that others do not. To me, Reminders is a to-do list app. But I also use it to store ideas. Just about anyone who does something creative can use ideas lists. This is part of a series where I share some of my own productivity methods.

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    3 years ago

    Hi Gary, I haven’t been able to get used to using the Reminders app, though I’ve tried a few times over the years. I create lists in Notes (especially now that it offers the checklist option). What are some key advantages or differences that Reminders has over using the Notes app as a checklist organizer?

    3 years ago

    Jack: Reminders can have dates/times for deadlines, a "note" that is part of it, but not the main thing you see. You can easily rearrange in the list and move to other lists, you can easily add with Siri, check them off and they disappear but can be brought back. Notes are more free-form little documents good for other things. Lots of other little differences. If a thing is a true list and nothing more or less, I use Reminders. Otherwise I use Notes.

    3 years ago

    Importing long list to reminders. I had a list in a numbers spreadsheet. I concatenated the order number into the items such as "1 Hold Mail" , thus will be able sort them later in reminders. Highlight the cells and print to a PDF file. Open the PDF file, copy all rows and paste into notes. Highlight all items, click checklist option. Now highlight all checklist items and create new reminder and paste checklist to create reminder for each item. Hope this is useful. Find all you videos helpful.

    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary, love all your tutorials and love Reminders! Besides my "Do Now", "Do Next" and "Do Whenever"lists, I also have multiple idea lists. But one of my most useful list has been the one I started a few years ago - "Loaned Out." Whenever I loan anything to anybody, I add it it to that list. With loans, time goes by. I forget. They forget. So many things I'll never see again. Not anymore! If I can't locate something, I check my list . . .

    Gary Travers
    3 years ago

    I use Reminders a lot, similarly to you, Gary. I have an Inbox, put everything in it that’s on my mind, then check it a couple of times a day and then distribute to my calendar etc. I also use it for checklists, of which I have many. It’s quite therapeutic checking off items as go through a checklist, it makes sure I don’t miss anything. Great video and great series.

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