MacMost: Reminders

Using Mac Reminders List Templates
A new feature in macOS Ventura is that you can now create list templates in Reminders. You can use these to easily recreate lists with some default items instead of starting from scratch.
Daily Reminders Using the Reminders or Calendar Apps
You can create daily reminders to do things like take pills using either the Reminders app or the Calendars app. Figure out which one is best for you.
20 Ideas For Lists You Can Create In the Reminders App
The Reminders app can be used for so much more than just quick to-do lists. Here are 20 ideas for different checklists that most people can use. You can also use the Notes app instead of Reminders.
Setting Reminders Using Shortcuts On a Mac
You can use the Shortcuts app to make it easy to add new Reminders. This could come in handy if you often find yourself recreating the same reminders every day or week.
Creating Regular Repeating Reminders
You can create reminders on your iPhone or Mac that will repeat on a regular schedule. Reminders can repeat hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and with all kinds of patterns such as specific days of the week or the nth day of every month.
Which App To Use: Calendar vs. Reminders
You can schedule notifications of important items at specific times using eithe the Calendar app or the Reminders app on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. So why are there two apps that seem to do the same thing? These apps do overlap somewhat, but they also have their own unique functionality. When you need to schedule something, however, it can be hard to decide which app to use. But there are good reasons to choose one over the other in most situations.
How To Copy Reminders In macOS Catalina With a Script

You can't copy and paste or print Reminders in macOS Catalina. However, with the help of a script you can get a Reminders list as text to be pasted into any app, printed, or sent as email. Learn how to create a Mac script in JavaScript (JXA) using Script Editor or Automator to get this important function back and have it available as an easy-access menu command.

New Features In the Reminders App in macOS Catalina
The new Reminders app adds a lot of new useful features. You can now set an icon and color for each list, place lists inside of folder, and view all of your lists in one long screen. You can also see which reminders items from all lists are due today or in the upcoming days. When creating a new reminder, you can easily add a due date, location, photo or URL.
Using Siri On Your Mac To Remind You About Email, Web Pages, Documents and More
You can quickly and easily create reminders from email messages, web pages and documents to remind you to complete a task at a later time. The notification you receive will link you directly back to the content. You can also use this for Maps locations, Messages and a variety of other items on your Mac.
14 Tips To Get the Most From Mac Reminders
The Reminders app is a simple way to store to-do items, reminders and lists. You can get more out of it by knowing how to use some features like priorities, location alerts, sorting, and multiple windows. Check out these tips to become a pro at using Mac Reminders.
Using Reminders and Notes to Save Links
Instead of saving links in bookmarks or the Reading List, you can also save them to a Reminders list and the Notes app. This can be useful during research or when you want to share a link of links with students or co-workers.
Fixing Persistent Reminders Badges
If you have a Reminders notification badge in your Dock that is stuck, even though you have no pending alerts, you can fix it. The trick is to restore from your iCloud backup. This resets the notifications for Reminders and clears the bogus number.
A Beginner's Guide to Mac Reminders
The Reminders app is handy for keeping track of to-do lists, creating alerts, and building idea lists. As a cloud service it syncs with your iPhone and iPad. You can easily add items to Reminders by just typing, or you can use Siri to add items.