Proper Use of Header and Footer Cells In Numbers

Header and Footer rows and columns have special properties in Mac Numbers. They label the cells in the body of a table, and also exclude themselves from calculations. You can scroll and print with better results using headers too.

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    John Gardner
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the Video on Numbers Heades and Footers - great! Especially for this like me painfully converting from Excel to Numbers.
    I would like to add some information to either the Header or Footer when printing:
    1. The current date and time (to be automatically updated)
    2. The file information of the Spreadsheet: Name, Path, Tab

    thanks for your help and keep well

    3 years ago

    John: Don't confuse the "headers" and "footers" for printing with table headers and footers. Completely separate things. You can access the print headers and footers for each page when you go to print a document. You can put anything you want in there.

    David Shemuel
    3 years ago

    Like John G (above) - I miss ability to add Headers/Footers available in Excel. One really useful feature was to be able to automatically insert Path/File Name (&Path/&File/&Sheet), plus (updateable) Date & Time - the link Gary provied (thanks, Gary) does not discuss File Name (automatic) .....

    Robert Kunes
    3 years ago

    I, too, like to have a cell in my spreadsheets that shows the path and file name. I am still not clear on whether there is a way to do that in numbers.

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