Quick Calculations In Mac Numbers

You can get the sum, average and perform other calculations on selected cells without needing to create a formula in another cell. The Quick Calculations appear at the bottom of the Numbers window whenever you have more than one cell selected. They also can be dragged-and-dropped to create permanent formulas and will obey filters.

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    Carl Sechrest
    2 years ago

    Is it possible to do Quick Calculations using an iPad and Numbers?

    2 years ago

    Carl: This doesn't work the same way in Numbers for iPad, no.

    2 years ago

    Using 11.1 numbers; Watched your video on linking cells in other tables. BUT, it won't link a cell connected / using a formula with other cells in a table to another tables.
    Example: I create a basic food costing formula. =price unit/portion to give the sum of cost per unit in a recipes. Fine, works. BUT when you pull that cell with the cost per unit in a recipe into another table it RED triangles. Everything from "string issue" to missing a number. Why do this? Because when I update the price..

    2 years ago

    Jeff: Not sure what you are experiencing there. Check your formula carefully. Or maybe you are looking for something different. See https://macmost.com/create-powerful-numbers-spreadsheets-with-the-indirect-function.html

    2 years ago

    Problem: a large number of lines with data in columns (needed to be scrolled) require quick calculations (to be saved in new data sheet) for different columns (but same lines).
    Question: how to move the highlight from one column to the next without having to scroll/re-highlight the same lines?
    Hope you understand.

    2 years ago

    Leif: Sorry, no, I can't figure out what you mean with that description. Tray asking at https://macmost.com/ask and describe it using cell references like B4 or F99.

    2 years ago

    Hey Gary,
    how do I change the value in the field based on another field?
    If the value in field A is 3500 set the field B to 90

    2 years ago

    Zoran: Sounds like you are looking for the IF function. https://macmost.com/learn-how-to-use-the-if-function-in-numbers.html

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