Quick Tips for Using Siri on Your Mac

You can customize how Siri works with a variety of settings. You can have Siri respond to different keyboard shortcuts or just your voice. You can also have Siri reply silently and let you make corrections if it misheard you. You can create your own Siri commands with Shortcuts.

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    Reinhard Maag
    2 years ago

    How useful is Siri when the speaker has a 'thick' accent? I tried to spell letters entering stuff when connected to an TV box - grandiose failure.

    2 years ago

    Reinhard: The best you can do is to set the language to match your accent. Practice helps too. But it is going to vary from person to person.

    timothy pritchard
    2 years ago

    how did you get siri to respond without using hey siri, i have to say that to get it to respond.💚

    2 years ago

    timothy: I'm using the keyboard shortcut or the button at the top to activate Siri.

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