MacMost Now 514: Quick Ways To Build DVDs With iDVD

You can quickly build a DVD from a single video file using the OneStep DVD from Movie option in iDVD. You can also make DVDs from several movies and photos using the Magic iDVD option. Magic iDVD projects can also be a starting point for regular customize iDVD projects.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode, lets look at using one step and magic iDVD to quickly create DVD's.
So iDVD is a great tool for creating DVD's but there are a lot of features and a pretty steep learning curve. So if you want to create a DVD very quickly there are two options in iDVD that you should know about.
So first lets talk about One Step DVD. Now there are two different types. The One Step DVD that's a button right here, is not the one we are going to use. If you go to File, and you look under One Step DVD, there's two of them. This one, the first one here will actually create a DVD by importing the video and then directly creating a DVD from that. We're going to assume we already have the video imported and we have it as a file and we just want to burn that file to a DVD. We're going to choose One Step DVD from movie, here. So the result is I get just a simple open dialog box and I can select a single video. So I'll select this one, and click on import and what's going to happen is its just going to ask me to insert a recordable DVD and it'll burn that DVD. It'll do all the steps needed to create a DVD. So it's the quickest way to create a DVD from a single video.
Now Magic iDVD, which I can choose here or I can go to File, Magic iDVD, will allow me to basically quickly create a DVD by giving it a title, choosing a theme, I can choose from all the different themes available. And then I can just drag and drop movies. I've actually got some in the Finder here, I'm going to drag and drop three movies right there. I can also use the movies browser here to look for things, uh, in my iMovie libraries and, uh, photos, I can add photos down here to create slideshows. And then I can preview the project right there. I can also turn it into a regular iDVD project or I can simply burn it directly here from Magic iDVD by clicking down here. So if I were to preview it, it'll create the project first and it may take a little bit, and then I get to look at it here and in the preview window I can go to Movies and Slideshows. You can see it basically just threw it together as simply as it could using the file names as titles and the basic menu structure from that theme. Another handy thing I want to point out is in Magic iDVD, there's not much you can do as far as using the standard menus, but if you create a standard project it converts the entire thing to a standard iDVD project. Now I can do really cool things like saving the DVD as a disk image to make multiple copies rather than burning a single DVD. Uh, and also of course you can access the full menu structure and make changes as you wish.
So Magic iDVD is not only a great way to quickly put together a DVD, but it's also a really good way to start building an iDVD project even if you plan on customizing it later. Hope you found this useful, 'til next time; this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    8 years ago

    another great and easy to understand tutorial – great stuff!

    8 years ago

    Thank YOU SO much for that video tutorial. I was looking for a way to make a dvd, and you just show One Step DVD from movie, very simple and straight forward.

    Thanks you, one more time.

    8 years ago

    Thanks! I was wondering when I was going to find the time to put my recent vacation photos into a DVD to share with others. You solved my problem!
    My MAC never ceases to amaze me!

    Paddy Zoller
    7 years ago

    Gary, I really appreciated this video, but was wondering if you have a tutorial video that explains the iDVD functions in some detail – like you said “learning curve!” I’ve made several DVDs using iDVD, but always feel like I’m missing information.

      7 years ago

      No, sorry, I don’t have a comprehensive guide to it (too many topics, only so much time). You might be able to find an old book on iLife that has comprehensive coverage.

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