Recording Presentations In Keynote

In Keynote you can record your voice and the timing of slides. This recording can then be used to play back the presentation automatically. You can also use this timing to export the presentation as a video.
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Hi, this is Gary with Let's look at using Recording in Keynote.

I'm using Keynote version 6.0. There is a function in Keynote where you can record your presentation.

So I have a sample presentation here and if I go to Setup and to Audio you can record. It's going to record from the microphone. You can basically record your voice and advance the slides. This is useful because you can then Export your presentation as a video and it will include your recorded voice. The timing will match perfectly when you advance to the next slide or even go back to a previous one. It will have that as part of the recording.

So it is getting pretty close to just recording you giving the presentation except without actually using a camera on you just using the slides as the video and the audio from your voice as the background recording. So let's try it here.

I'm going to hit Record. It is going to bring up the presentation screen. I can customize that. I've just set it to the current slide. I've got my recording buttons here. I'm going to start recording and I'll record my voice and at the end I will hit the same button again.

So this is my presentation and this is slide number one. I'm going to very quickly show slide number two and then go to three to show the timing. This is a photo of some mountains in Alaska and then I'll go to the last slide, the end.

So now that I'm done I can see here are even the lines for the navigation that I've done. You can see very quickly I was on slide number two. I can trash it and basically start over again. I can even bring this slider around so I can see where everything was. If I'm done I just hit X to return. I can see that things have changed.

Now I've got a green microphone and there is Record Slideshow and it gives me the time it was recorded. I can hit the Clear button to clear it away if I want.

Now that I've got the recording I can actually play it back. So I'm going to hit Play and it will play the recording, not just the typical presentation. So there you go. You heard my voice from the original recording.

The coolest thing you can do with this is you can now Export this presentation as a video using QuickTime. You can choose for playback the Slideshow Recording. It is going to export not only your voice but the timing of each of those slides as video.

So I'm going to just export via m4v file and when it is done I'll have a standard video that I can now play on a variety of different computers. I doesn't have to have Keynote. It can be something I can upload, say to U-tube, and it will just be a normal video showing my presentation with my voice and going with the timing of not only between the slides but between bullet items, build-ins and build-outs, and all sorts of other things that you put in your presentation.

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