Safari Cookies, Cache and History

When you browse the web Safari will save data as cookies, cache and history. Learn what these are and how to control them.

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    rod magner
    2 years ago

    If I clear browser history on my iPad, does that clear it on my Mac and iPhone as well?
    Thanks Gary.

    Bill Sorensen
    2 years ago

    I don't want to stay login since maybe that could be used by bad guys. Am I wrong?
    I also don't like the fact that I am being tracked all the time. Sometimes I go into website where I am warned about its security. Why would I want to keep that or why would I want other history kept that would reflect badly on me?
    Finally, I have Fiber 1000, so I am not seeing much delay getting in and out of websites quickly. I also have autofill mgr. I think my security is more important than quickness?

    2 years ago

    rod: Good question. I don't thin so. But you can experiment and see. Cookies shouldn't, and neither should cache. But maybe history?

    2 years ago

    Bill: Stay logged in on your device? How do you fear "bad guys" would use that? Not clear on your second or third questions.

    Tom Sakaluk
    2 years ago

    This was an outstanding, informative video for all levels of Mac users. Thanks Gary.

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