MacMost Now 756: Safari Web Surfing Techniques

Here are three key techniques that everyone who surfs the web on their Mac should know. But using tabs, browsing history and page search you can move around quickly and find what you want.

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    Antoinette Nozzero
    11 years ago

    Good to know about different features in History

    11 years ago

    Quick Question: How many days of HISTORY do you keep?

      11 years ago

      You can set that to various things under Safari, Preferences, "Remove history items." I have mine set to the maximum.

    Michael Glavin
    11 years ago

    After initially thinking this would be a silly episode, I have to admit I was wrong. These are all useful new ideas in how to do something as simple as surf the web. Thanks as always Gary.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I am just getting use to ML toolbar,and i keep forgetting about the tabs, and they are not highlighted. I keep going to the old system,and i end up off the web but i am slowly getting used to it.
    I did notice all the history when i was bookmarking something,can this history be saved. Has you pointed out you don`t use bookmarks rarely,and to be quite honest i am getting a bit sick of using bookmarks all the time.

    11 years ago

    why is the zooming in safari so much smoother than in chrome? i like chrome much more cause its on all my android devices and my laptop and pc. can i make chrome as smooth in zooming as safari?

      11 years ago

      Different browsers have different features, that's all. Not aware of a way to "turn on" smooth zooming in Chrome so maybe it just isn't a feature.
      Why do you like Chrome better? Safari and Chrome use the same engine, and are very similar in many ways.

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