Scanning Documents With Your iPhone

Instead of using a bulky flatbed scanner you can use your iPhone's camera for most document scanning today. Apps will allow you to quickly capture pages, straighten them and organize them. You can even do optical character recognition with some apps.

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    Jerry Sundberg
    8 years ago

    For $3.99, Scanner Pro by Readdle allows you many of the features that are extra with ScanBot. I've been using this iphone scanner now for a long time and its capabilities actually exceed ScanBot's. The images are sharper, takes color/black-white, auto snap, as well as OCR and a few other features. I definitely recommend this one above ScanBot. You pay less and have a superior scanner.

    Douglas Brace
    8 years ago

    I am looking forward to the iOS version of "CTRL F", which was recently released for Android. It allows you to take a picture of a document, uses OCR to the picture to text, and then lets you search the text using a "find" command.

    Lars Kjeldsen
    8 years ago

    Can't find ScanBot in Apple Appstore. What is the search word?

    Lars Kjeldsen
    8 years ago

    .... Which was because I was searching via my MacBook Air - offcause! I have now installed ScanBot om my iPhone.

    8 years ago

    What app do you recommend for scanning photos? I'd like to post them to a Facebook page, not store on a website that I don't use.

    8 years ago

    Scanning photos? That's tough. You are never going to get a very good resolution copy by taking a picture of a picture. Just use the Camera app if you really must -- but only for "just for fun" social media postings, not for archival purposes.

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