Search A Specific Website With Quick Website Search

You can search a specific website using Safari's address field and Quick Website Search. Make sure this feature is enabled and then you can check the list of sites already added. You can add most other sites by performing a native search at that site. Once added, when you type the domain name of that site and a search term you then have the option to search that site directly instead of through a search engine. This works on Mac and iOS.
Video Transcript / Captions
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There are many ways to search using Safari. Of course you can go directly to Search websites like You can also just search for something here using the address bar and it will use your default search engine. But you can also use something called Quick Website Search that allows you to search at specific websites. Now you can do this at search engines like Goggle by typing in specific commands. Site colon and then the actual site like space and the search term. It's a lot of typing and there's an easier way to do it using Safari called Quick Website Search. So let me give you can example.

I'm going to type Amazon and then Tripod like I want to search Amazon for tripods. I look here and you can see that it has got Search for tripod. Click on that and what I'm going to get is a search done at Amazon. You can see here it didn't go to goggle, my default search. So how did it know to do that?

Well, if I go to Safari Preferences and look under Search you see Enable Quick Website Search. So you want to have that turned on, of course. Then click on Manage Websites and you notice that there are websites listed there. So how did Amazon get added to this list. Well, it got added there because I did a search at Amazon previously. So let's try going to a website that wasn't on the list.

We'll go to macmost. macmost has a search field at the top. We'll try searching there for something and it will perform the search. You can see here at the top there's this little search query and you probably don't pay too much attention to these. Safari knows what these kind of look like. It will figure out that this is a search of this site and it will add the site to the list. So now when I look at Manage Websites you can see macmost is added. So now I can actually do and I can search for something and you can see I get Search right there. I select it and it does a search right there at Macmost for it.

So as you browse around the internet and as you do searches at websites you'll find more and more sites get added to this list as Safari figures out that you can search them. Some sites are frustrating because they never get added to the list because they do searches in a special way and Safari doesn't recognize them as being searches that can be added to this Quick Website Search. But other sites will do so.

So maybe take a look at your list now and see what sort of sites are added. Just as importantly recognize when you see this listing right here, Search for tripod, right there, that you can now use that and skip the goggle search and go directly to the website using Quick Website Search.

This also works on iOS. So in iOS in Settings if you look for Safari you'll find there's Quick Website Search. You'll have to turn it on. There's a list here. I can actually swipe to Delete. Then when you go to Safari you can do the same thing. You can see it says Search for that term and I can do it, and it will search directly on that website.