Search Your Photo Library For Objects

A lot of Mac and iOS users don't know that you can search for objects in your photos even if you have never added titles or keywords to your Photos Library. The app will indentify various types of items and scenery in photos. You can combine these category searches with locations and other search terms.

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    Danny Davies
    5 years ago

    Gary, how do you get the titles to show up beneath the 'Photos Library' section of Photos? I see them in your video but they no longer show up in my library. I am currently running Mojave.

    5 years ago

    Danny: View, Metadata, Titles.

    Pete kroner
    5 years ago

    Great .. worked better than I thought..but.. when adding my photos to a Facebook “comment” is there a way this will work ?

    5 years ago

    Pete: I'm not sure what you mean. How does searching for a photo relate to uploading a photo to Facebook. Facebook doesn't care how you found the picture in the app.

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