Share a Live Feed of Your Keynote Presentation

A new feature in Keynote in Sierra and in iOS is the ability to share a live feed of your Keynote presentation to other devices as you present. You can share with others in the room, or in other locations.
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So there is a new feature in the latest version of Keynote, version 7.0, that allows you to share a presentation using something called Keynote Live.

Now what happens here is you have your presentation and you have to have saved it to iCloud. So you can't have it saved to your local drive. You have to save it to iCloud drive. Then you can do that option there to share using Keynote Live. You can invite viewers or use a link. They're going to be able to follow your presentation in the web browser on their own machine. It doesn't have to be a Mac. It can be a PC as well.

So great for presenting when you don't even have a screen at the front of a room but everybody has their own laptop. Or great for presenting remotely so you can present to people in the room and people that are in other locations. You can do all sorts of different things. If people in the back of the room can't see your screen you can invite them to use this URL here. You can even invite viewers by all these different methods here including AirDrop.

AirDrop is a really interesting method because you don't even have to know who these users are as long as they are accepting AirDrop connections.

So I'm going to invite a laptop here in the room, I have this MacBook Pro, and I'm going to accept. What's going to happen is on the other Mac there it's going to launch the web browser and it's going to say Welcome to Keynote Live. Hit Done here. I'm going to hit Close. Now I'm presenting here. I can actually Play the Slideshow and then the other user is just going to see my slides. They're not actually touching anything on their computer. They can just sit back and watch as the slideshow is presented. As I advance each slide they'll see it as well even with animation.

Of course instead of using the web browser they can actually also have Keynote version 7.0 and use that to view the presentation. That works, of course, if they have a Mac. If they have a PC viewing on the web browser is a great option as well.

So it's a very useful tool that I'm sure people are going to be using in lots of different cool ways. It's a pretty high end feature and just added into Keynote. I think it's going to be useful for lots of people.

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    Terry Haddow
    3 years ago

    Can you do a self running slide presentation that people can view at their own time ? Or must it be “live” – you presenting and them viewing at the same time ?

    3 years ago

    Terry: You could have done that before — just export as a video. :)

    Terry Haddow
    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I suppose I was thinking more of the ipad – which has Keynote Live but not the ability to export as video.
    A great feature none the less.

    3 years ago

    I take it that if the participants are on Windows PCs, they can view the presentation in their favorite browser? Is that right?

    3 years ago

    Phil: Yes, probably with varying results if their browsers are out-of-date.

    Mr. Luigi
    3 years ago

    Will this work with Keynote for iOS?

    3 years ago

    Luigi: Yes, this feature is also in the latest iOS version of Keynote.

    2 years ago

    Does the live keynote transfer voice too? I just tried it on my Mac and I shared the link to my sisters iPhone; but she couldn’t hear my voice on her device although she could see the slides and everything. Am I missing something here?

    2 years ago

    Shaikha: No, there is no audio. Each person’s device loads the presentation and you are sending signals as to which slide is shown. The idea is to be in the same room (no large screen, just everyone with the own screen) or to do it remotely using a conference call or some other audio./video system like FaceTime, Skype, Hangout, etc.

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