There’s finally a good way to use Skype on your iPhone to make calls, and it is causing a bit of a stir. The Skype iPhone app is free, but you get the most out of it with a paid Skype account. Of course you can only use it to make calls over WiFi, not the 3G network. Some are complaining that AT&T shouldn’t restrict data in that way. Regardless, it is still a must-have application for anyone who uses Skype.

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    Steve Maynard
    2/2/12 @ 11:11 pm

    I’m interested in getting an adaptor so that I can use my regular telephone set to make Skype calls on my Mac. But, the research is very confusing…it is not clear whether the most common adapter (an RJ-11, I believe) will work with a Mac. And another brand (which appears to be similar if not the same — something call “Freetalk me”) looks like it is a rental, not a purchase. Any suggestions about an adapter for using Skype this way?

      2/2/12 @ 11:23 pm

      An RJ-11 (standard US telephone connector) won’t work with a Mac because Macs don’t have an RJ-11 jack.
      You would need something that uses USB. It is common to find headsets with a mic and one or two earphones that use USB are work with Skype — some are even marketed that way. But I don’t know about something that will convert a standard telephone to USB. It would have to deal with all sorts of things that a telephone does — like dialing and such. Why not just get a headset?

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