Ever want to cool your MacBook down a little more by boosting the fan speed? With smcFanControl you can take manual control of your internal MacBook fans and monitor their speeds. The latest version is a bit hard to find on the site. As of today, you can download it from this post.

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7/30/11 @ 5:44 pm

    I watched a video on YouTube. This young man told you about this application, but he also mentioned one that was for the iMAC. I have had my screen replaced 3 times, because of the heat coming from the aluminium frame and was causing White streaks starting from the top right hand corner. I had a word from the Apple certified dealers, and they said you would be breaking the Warranty by installing this application. Can you you shed a bit light on this subject. Thanks Gary

      7/30/11 @ 8:02 pm

      Breaking the warranty? I can’t see that as being true. Maybe their misunderstood you and what you were doing. Opening the machine up to replace the fans — yes. But running software like this? I can’t see that. Of course Apple can do what they want, and there’s no way to predict what a tech might do when evaluating a broken Mac, but I can’t see using smcFanControl as being a warranty issue.

      Bernie Santschi
      8/3/11 @ 9:56 am

      By ‘breaking the warranty’ your Apple dealer probably meant that those fan controlling apps might eventually ‘kill’ your built-in fans which – under those circumstances – then would not be covered be Apple’s warranty. Despite all your hassle so far purchasing an Apple Care Protection Plan (ACPP) is actually always a good idea since almost every repairing service that you might need during that 3 years time would most probably cost you more… This ACPP is your insurance for the ‘IF’ case :)
      Nonetheless, there are of course precautions you could take and if it’s simply by means of putting a small desktop fan behind your iMac that will blow a cooling breeze towards your iMacs ‘HotSpot’.
      But using smcfancontrol – in my opinion (I’m using it for years) – is not endangering your iMac’s fans, they’re made for the purpose of blowing air to cool your iMacs innards, Apple just doesn’t want customers to complain about annoying noises emitting from their Macs, that’s why they keep them turning at low rpm … thereby, however, risking that customers will complain about other (heat-induced) issues … like yours :/

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7/31/11 @ 2:27 pm

    Thanks for shedding a bit light on this subject, but the tech guy from Apple was adamant that when they replaced the screen. After that they go through the guidelines set out by Apple. I looked at the report sheet that tells you what they did to the computer. Replaced LCD screen, after that are little boxes with ticks in them, relating with everything about what they did to the computer. The key words you say Apple can do what they want. They had me over a barrel, they gave me one choice Buy Apple Care, because my warranty was running out,so i did. The same thing is happening again as i am typing this out. It started in 2009.

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