Something in the AIR? Apple Buying Adobe?

Just a crazy theory that I thought I’d post on. There has always been speculation about Apple buying Adobe. With the new banners above the Moscone Center reading “There’s Something in the Air,” and AIR being the desktop development environment that Adobe is currently pushing, could this be the surprise announcement at MacWorld?

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    1/15/08 @ 12:02 am

    Hey Mac Most (and fans!!!)

    My bet for macworld, is the MacBook Air, an ultrathin, ultralight notebook, running leopard. Why?
    3 reasons:
    1: There has been a lot of speculation, as to Mac introducing a sub notebook, or ultrathin, or ultralight, or even entirely wireless. The MacBook Air seems an appropriate name.

    2 : Apple have put a teaser banner on to their website, and then banners at the expo, saying “There’s Something in the Air, Watch the macworld keynote, Tuesday Afternoon, On Apple.Com

    3: Just to do a quick url check,,, macbookair.comp sites are all registered, BUT,
    ********************************THIS IS THE BIG NEWS*****************************
    yesterday, at GMT 2100 to 2300, forwarded its self to the apple website homepage, saying “”
    in the address bar.

    THIS COULD BE ONE OF TWO THINGS: Apple being very cryptic, but telling the truth about the keynote today (gmt) and, hoping nobody would notice (BUT I DID!!!) OR…
    Apple are going to reveal something (in the air) that’s completely different at Macworld.


    1/15/08 @ 9:59 am

    Sorry, guys, but a guy seems to just have done some clever query thing on this, and bought the domain, forwarded to apple. My Mistake!!!

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