Storing Photos in Finder Folders As an Alternative to the Photos App

If you prefer to not use the Mac Photos app, or would like to store some of your photos in a different way, a viable alternative is to simply store them as files in folders. You can use subfolders, file names, comments and tags to manage and organize these pictures. You can use the four different Finder views to view the photos, and Quick Look and Preview for other views and editing. You can even use aliases to create albums.

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    5 years ago

    Great suggestion Gary, I had been looking forward to this video since you first told me about it. I have a gizillion photos on an external hard drive, and thankfully I've always kept them in very organized folders right from day 1. No software or hardware will replace good organizing habits when it comes to photos. Happy Holidays.

    4 years ago

    Hi Gary. I was a happy user of iPhoto 9. (I'm not young. Ha! Ha. I liked the way photos could be stored in albums with whatever picture you wanted on the front. Is there any way to to this now?

    4 years ago

    Ellen: View the photos in the album. Control+click on one and select "Make Key Photo."

    Nick Greaves
    4 years ago

    Terrific video Gary... so much information compressed into 10 mins that I'll have to watch it several times to absorb it.

    4 years ago

    Another fabulous presentation. Started experimenting immediately. Thanks Gary

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