MacMost Now 547: Styles In Pages

Learn how to use Styles in iWork Pages. You can apply styles to paragraphs or characters, redefine styles already in place, and select all text that uses a specific style. Styles are an important tool for document creation in Pages.

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    Pam Erskine
    12 years ago

    Hello Gary
    I am trying to learn Paragraph Styles but you speak so fast I can't keep up. Probably because of your lovely American accent. Can you do a slow version for England please? RSVP

      12 years ago

      There's a transcript. Look below the video for "Video Transcript (Click to Expand)." That might help. Of course it is in lovely American English too.

      Tony Gold
      12 years ago

      I know what you mean! I have to rewind to get all the info if I take my eye off the ball...
      BUT...the content is excellent, all useful and no blather. I feel really lucky to have found his site. A very bright boy, Gary...

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