Styling Text With Dictation Commands

You can do more with dictation than just typing. You can also indicate when you want text to be bold, italics, or underlined. Some people have trouble because they try to include the command with the text they are typing, but it is important to wait between typing and issuing commands. In Pages you can even access everything in the Format sidebar using dictation commands.

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    Jim Bembenek
    6 years ago

    Do these commands work on the iPad. I have an iPad Pro and I cannot seem to get the punctuation or the show commands command to work on my iPad. I am using it right now in voice mode and things seem to be working But when I try to use it in Pages it does not work as you described in the video any suggestions thank you.

    6 years ago

    Show Commands is definitely a Mac feature and not on iOS. Punctuation, like saying the word "period" should work though

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