MacMost: Communicating

Tips To Take Your Video Conferencing To The Next Level
If you use your Mac to attend video meetings for work or school, here are some tips that can increase the quality of your video and help you look more professional.
20 Tips For Using Zoom On Your Mac
Many of us are using Zoom on our Macs for meetings, classes or get-togethers. Zoom is a powerful video conferencing app with many useful hidden features. Learn how to test your audio before a meeting, use a video background, send reactions and nonverbal feedback and start breakout meetings.
Group Video Chat Using FaceTime On Your Mac, iPhone Or iPad
Uisng your Mac, iPhone or iPad you can chat with several other Apple users at the same time. You can use this to stay in touch with family and friends while staying at home, as long as everyone involved has Apple products.
How To Video Chat and Stay In Touch With Others Using Your Apple Devices
Your Mac, iPhone or iPad can be used as a way to video chat with others while you are stuck at home away from friends, family, work or school. Technology can help with social distancing. FaceTime is great for Apple-to-Apple communication. Skype and Facebook Messenger can be used for cross-platform communication or with those who are more comfortable with those services.