MacMost: Freeform

Creating Connection Lines in Keynote and Freeform
You can use connection lines in Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Freeform to create organization charts, diagrams, infographics and much more.
Masking Images With Shapes In Keynote and Freeform
You can easily mask images with basic or complex shapes in Keynote, Freeform, Pages and Numbers. You can also use multiple shapes in a mask by first uniting them. You can also use text as a mask by choosing the image as the color fill for the text.
Apple's Freeform: 21 Tips and Tricks
Here are some techniques to take your Freeform boards to the next level. Learn how to add backgrounds, create connection lines, import charts, use clipart, add audio and so much more.
How To Use Apple's New Freeform App
With the latest version of macOS, iOS and iPadOS we get a new tool from Apple to combine text, images, shapes and more. You can use this as a collaboration tool, but it is hard to say where this fits in with other existing tool like Note and Pages.