MacMost: Web Hosting

MacMost Now 567: iWeb Alternative: Google Sites
Another alternative to using iWeb and MobileMe hosting is the free Google Sites product. You can create a simple web page or seers of pages and let Google host it for free. There are tons of templates to choose from and the pages are highly customizable. You can even make files available for download.
MacMost Now 566: iWeb Alternative:
Another alternative to iWeb and MobileMe hosting is This free blogging service uses the WordPress software and allows you to set up blogs or a general Web site. You build and modify your site completely online.
MacMost Now 565: iWeb Alternative: Google's Blogger
A great alternative to iWeb and MobileMe web hosting the Google's free Blogger service. You can use your Google or Gmail ID and create blogs using various templates and features. It many ways it is more advanced than iWeb. You can even assign a custom domain, track statistics and post articles via email.
MacMost Now 245: Building a MobileMe Web Site Without iWeb
You don't need to use iWeb to build a Web site in your MobileMe account. All you need to do is use your iDisk and store html files in your Web/Sites folder.
MacMost Now 228: FTP With Cyberduck
Learn how to use basic FTP to upload and download files with the open source Mac FTP program Cyberduck.