MacMost Now 912: Taming Tabs in Safari

There are a variety of buttons and keyboard shortcuts that you can use to quickly create, close and navigate between tabs. How some of these work depends on your Safari preference settings. If you use tabs and multiple windows, these tips should help you optimize your web viewing.

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    Gene Melchionne
    11 years ago

    In addition to these tricks with tabs, you can also open a bunch of bookmarks in tabs all at once by either Control-clicking on a folder of bookmarks in your bookmarks list or by checking off the box "Auto Click" of a folder of bookmarks that are located in your bookmarks bar. If you create a folder of bookmarks and put them in your bookmarks bar folder in Bookmarks, they create a drop-down menu of bookmarks, but check that box and they will all open at once tabs, one for each bookmark,

    Dave Wilma
    11 years ago

    Wow, I'm going to watch this again. So much good information. Thanks, Gary.

    Jeff Nakamatsu
    11 years ago

    I like this video and I will use it often.

    Cy Richards
    11 years ago

    Great tips as usual Gary - thanks. I found (by accident) another way to 'show all tabs'. Zooming out using a pinch on a trackpad brings up the tabs you have open and then just swipe left or right to choose with zoom pinch/spacebar/enter etc

    Ray Sherrod
    11 years ago

    Great tutorial on Tabs. So much more available than I realized. Thanks Gary.

    Michael Wheless
    11 years ago

    Gary, Great tutorial. Can you suggest why I would want to open a URL in another window? What is the practical purpose? I do often open a URL in a new tab, so I can leave the original URL active and come back to it. I just didn't see an advantage to opening the URL in a new window.

      11 years ago

      Could be for grouping. For instance, you could have several tabs open n one window to research one subject, then open a new window to do something else. Also, it is handy to look at two web sites side-by-side, to compare them or to use them together, like a map on the left and a site of restaurant reviews on the right.

    11 years ago

    I had no idea this great feature was here - thank you for the great video, I'll be making good use of this for sure! I only subscribed a couple of days ago, and am SO glad I did!

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