Technical Terms: The Internet and the Web

People sometimes use the terms Internet and Web interchangeably. But the Web is just one of the many ways you can use the Internet. The Internet is the global network of computers, whereas the Web is just the part of the Internet we use when we browse web pages using a browser such as Safari. The history of the Internet goes back further than you may think.

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    6 years ago

    I hope that on a future podcast on "technical terms," you can clarify your take on "the DARK web" or "the DARK net." :)

    6 years ago

    Ron: I don't think that term is one I would cover. Not sure why we would want to discuss that at MacMost. What would a typical Mac user want to use the Dark Web for?

    Sarah Doxiadis
    6 years ago

    Nice overview/clarification. I actually did use several BBS and email "commercial" services in the 80's, as well as academic and law-related research services, etc. However, your are correct that the concept of "the Internet"reached public awareness mostly in the early 90's. I sometimes miss the "old days" when you had to have some understanding of protocols to use the Internet, as today most folks seem to just point to what they want, and they arrive on line at the spot the expected to reach.

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