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Plantronics .Audio 910

My Plantronics .Audio 910 completes me. I cannot say enough about this magical little device. I’ve owned nice headsets before, but all have been wired. If I had known the joyous sense of freedom a Bluetooth headset provides, I would have gotten one a long time ago.

The .Audio 910 is so light weight I forget I’m wearing it. And in my humble opinion, it has a much sexier form factor than most of the Bluetooth headsets out there. And if the flashing blue light makes you feel more like a dork than a power-user, there is a setting that will turn it off.

Perhaps most importantly, this single ear piece does the work of two: the .Audio 910 will sync with both your computer and your Bluetooth enabled phone, letting you switch channels between the two with the touch of a button. According to the manual, it lasts for 6 hours of talk time, which may be ample for a typical user, especially if you are primarily using it to talk on your mobile. However in a perfect world, I’d like a longer battery, since I enjoy listening to various streaming media from my computer through the day. To remedy this problem, I intend to purchase another and alternate charging the two.

Why? Because this headset completes me. I would have it surgically implanted if I could, and perhaps it could draw bio-energy from caffeine consumed. Attention Plantronics: if you happen to be looking for human test subjects, I’d happily volunteer to be transformed into the first Bluetooth Bionic Woman. But until science opens the door to cyborg-dom, the current off-the-shelf version of the Plantronics .Audio 910 makes my world a better place to live and play. You can pick yourself up one for an MSRP of 150 dollars, but with only minimal cyber-sleuthing you can bag one for under $100.