The iTunes Visualizer

Hidden in iTunes is a powerful music visualizer that will display amazing graphics that react to the music that is playing. You can use the visualizer to complement your iTunes music as it plays and you have nothing else going on with your screen, like while your Mac is playing music at a party. There are keyboard command that you can use to adjust what you see in the visualizer.

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    Dave Schweitzer
    7 years ago

    I don't know if it's at all helpful to mention, but we used to be able to utilize visualizers created by third parties in iTunes by placing them in a certain folder. Somewhere along the line Apple disabled that functionality (or changed the mechanism which generates the visualizer?), but at one time there were many creative alternatives. I wouldn't mind learning more about that history.

    7 years ago

    Many thanks, I have not used this option before, now I will...

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