MacMost Now 717: The Library Folders

While you may never need to go into your Mac's Library folders, it can be enlightening to know what they are used for and what is inside. This is where things like fonts, caches, preferences files and application support files are stored.

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    Jerry G
    12 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    One fairly common reason to access the User's Library is to delete a no longer needed Custom iWork Template. Since the User's Library became hidden in Lion, some iWork users have been disoriented since they were used to going there to manage their templates. Your great explanation should help with that.


    Bev Mascara
    12 years ago

    Thank you for this...very clear, consice and helpful.

    Michael Dunlop
    12 years ago

    Another helpful, concise mini tutorial.
    I enjoy all you videos and they have certainly revealed some most interesting tips and guides to making the most of Mac power!
    Thank you.

    Johnny Robish
    12 years ago

    I use the "Library" folder quite a bit to transfer my Mac Mail folder back and forth between my iMac and MacBook Pro. I use IMAP e-mail, which should make this step unnecessary, but I have two e-mail addresses which folders that contain e-mails from both under "on my Mac."

    Patrick Green
    12 years ago

    My mac will not reveal the library when I hold down the option key (6:13). ?

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