The Mac Bucket List

You might think that the staff of a big Mac site like MacMost would get all the new Apple products for free. I only wish it were so. So in the grand scheme of the tech ecosystem, I have to decide how much of my paycheck I’m going to recycle into Apple products and I have to decide which product I should be saving my pennies for next. Here is my current thinking.
I’m not much of a cell phone guy, but I do like the idea of the internet in my pocket, so the iPod Touch seems like it would be a really cool thing that I would use all the time, and I could even pretend I had an iPhone, and look cool, without the monthly commitment. On the down side is that it only has WiFi access (read, no driving and surfing) and my wife would probably take it and then I’d have to buy another one.
Our G3 iceBook is all but dead, it gets a case of the blue screen about a minute after booting, So it’s time to replace the iBook with a MacBook. I’m not much of a traveler, but when I do, I need my computer. Or rather, my wife needs my computer. This is because the entire social network of Second Life will falter if my wife is away from it for more than 24 hours. So iPod internet will not do, we need to be able to run Second Life. Downside to buying an MacBook? First is I know the day I buy one, the NEW MacBooks will be released, Actually that’s why the new ones aren’t out, Steve is waiting to see my purchase order for the current model before he releases the new one. Oh, and if I buy the MacBook, that blows my budget for the year and my wife would probably take it and then I’d have to buy another one.
Finally There is the Logic Studio, Logic studio had half the features, was harder to use and cost twice as much a year ago. Now it’s half the price, has tons of new features, includes Soundtrack Pro 2, a bazillion new Appleloops, and most of all, it got a new intuitive interface that mortal musicians can understand. The downside is that my wife can’t use it and therefore probably wont approve the purchase.
And finally I could just buy my wife the new iMac to replace her G5 and bask in the warmth of a happy wife and wait till next year for the next version of Logic studio.