The macOS Mojave News App

New to macOS Mojave is the News app, a port of the iOS app that has been around for a few years. You can now access news articles from thousands of sources in an aggregated news feed, and read the articles in a distraction-free environment. You can also go directly to sources and topics, and search for specific articles. You can save articles for later reading or look through your history and share articles with others.
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So macOS Mojave brings some new apps to the Mac. These are apps that have been around for awhile but on iOS for the iPhone and iPad. One of these new apps is called News. You'll probably find it by default in your Dock once you upgrade to Mojave. If not you can find it in the Applications folder.

News is a dedicated news reader. It shows you articles from a variety of sources. So it's not just showing you just one newspaper or one magazine something. It's showing you articles from all over. It tries to customize what it shows you according to what you like. Now a big element of this is the sidebar here on the left. This is new in iOS 12 and it's here in the first version for the Mac as well.

So you have basically some categories here and the categories can be specific publications. Like you can see here ESPN or my local newspaper. But it also can be general topics. So you can, you know, go to a specific topic and browse through that topic. When you click on an article to read it, it comes up in a really nice reader view without many distractions. So usually you don't see ads or lots of other things and ad bars and things getting in your way which is really nice. Plus a lot of times you can make text bigger or smaller. Not all the time. It depends on the type of article it is. But, you know, if you can make it bigger and easier to read that's a bonus as well.

Now you have these buttons here at the top. A Like button and a Dislike button. So you get to, kind of, control what it is you'll see in the future by looking at stories and saying you like or dislike them.

You also have the ability to Search here. So in the left sidebar if I scroll down using my trackpad or two fingers on a mouse, just scroll down and you can see I have a Search Box here and I can actually search for things and it will give me results. So I can get sources. So here's like a topic source. I can search for Local, something local. Let's see. I can get results for things. Results for topics. You know all sorts of things in here. I can just dig down in there.

So you really can go and view thousands and thousands of different news sources. They're all over the place. If you're interested in politics you're going to find news sources, you know, in every part of the spectrum. Opinions from everywhere. If you're interested in news, like technology news or health news or all of that, you're going to find that Apple news has tons of different publications in here. Actually even MacMost is here as a result. So you can actually view MacMost articles there as well. So you have all of this.

You can also click at the bottom of this sidebar Discover and you can go and look for things like topics. So I'm going to scroll here and if I discover some things I like, you can see I can keep scrolling and it brings up new things, I can say oh, I like that source or that idea. Click on it and then it likes that and now you will see more stories like it. So there's a topic Mobile Apps which I'm interested in so I Like that. So that's now going to control a little more of what I see and I'm also going to see these things appear here under Following.

I can hit Edit anytime I want and get rid of these or reorder them if I want. So there's a lot of things you can do. Now you can Save stories as well. So let's go and look at some stories here. Let's say we just want to click on this story from CNBC here. I can decide I want to save it. So I can use File, Save Story there and I can save it. Now it says I'll find it in Saved Stories. So see here on the left sidebar there's a Saved Stories thing. I can click on that and I can see my saved stories. So it's easy to go through and see what you've saved and get back to reading those articles later.

There's also History just like with the browser. So everything that you've read. So if you didn't save it but maybe you read something yesterday and you're like I want to go back to that and read that again or recommend it to somebody. Because you can Share stories here as well. So I can go into a story here and I can Share them the usual way. Email, Messages, that kind of thing. So you're history allows you to go back and look at the stories that you've seen in the past.

So News is a really great resource even if you just want to use it to read news articles from maybe just one source or just search for a specific thing. It's a really nice way to read them. A lot of times nicer than reading in a web browser. But you can also use it, kind of, as your front page to just look through the stories of the day and if you see things that maybe are opinions that you don't like you can always Dislike those and you won't see those things from that source anymore. You really can customize this to make it kind of a news reader that you can use everyday to access the news rather than having to go to different places on the web.

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    John Hill
    7 months ago

    I cannot find Mojave News App on my computer even using Spotlight.
    I downloaded Mojave a few days ago.

    7 months ago

    I cannot find Mojave News App on my computer either

    7 months ago

    John, Judy: Which country are you in? The News app is currently only available in a few.

    6 months ago

    I am in Canada. Is the News App available here. I don’t have it on my computer and I don’t see it in the App store. That said it appears to be on my iPhone.

    6 months ago

    Christol: no, the News apps are not yet available in Canada.

    Millard Kinkead
    6 months ago

    How do I widen the news column? I’ve got a 27″ iMac and the current news column is so tiny.

    6 months ago

    Millard: What do you mean by the “news column?” The News app only has the left sidebar and then the main area. The left sidebar only has a list of sources with pretty short names, so widening it won’t do much good if that is what you mean.

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