The Surprisingly Robust Photos Import Feature

When you import photos from a camera or card into the Mac Photos app, you can choose to skip duplicates and place photos directly into an album. But you can also use this powerful feature when just importing files as well.

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    Ed Adams
    3 years ago

    Actually, in my opinion, this is one of the weakest functions in Photo. It doesnā€™t allow you to add or change EXIF, add keywords, correct time and location, etc. Every other post Data Asset Management application has these features.

    3 years ago

    Actually, Photos on a Mac is not my favourite.
    Hi Gary, Can you please do a video on how to EXPORT All my photos from my Mac on all the various libraries this software seems to have created?
    That would be really useful.


    3 years ago

    Radha: Just use File, Export.

    Dan Bails
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    Great video as always.
    I seem to have the problem with importing from my Iphone that once I import a photo it does not get marked somehow to not be a new photo for the next time I import new photos. When I went into my Main Library recently I noticed dozens of duplicate phots that I assume were re imported each time I plugged my phone into my Mac. Is there some solution or setting for marking photos as imported or never to be imported so I wont get any more duplicates? Thanks Gary!

    2 years ago

    Dan: Maybe you are also use iCloud photos? Or maybe you still have the old Photo Stream feature turned on?

    2 years ago

    Great video, and you were right, I didn't know about that last feature (importing the folder structure from disk and automatically turning it into albums)... very cool! Thank you!

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