Things You May Not Know the Mac Calculator Can Do

The Mac Calculator app seems simple at first, but it includes some pretty advanced features. It has a scientific and programmer mode, paper tape, a library of conversions and much more.

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    Harry McCullough
    3 years ago

    Thank you for you excellent tutorial on the Mac Calculator and its accompanying Paper Tape. After the latest update for Big Sur the Paper Tape is no longer recording the calculations. Is this programming bug in the latest update or have is there something that needs to be done to reactivate the recording. The Paper Tape is displayed but as stated no calculations are being shown. Would appreciate your help on this.

    3 years ago

    Harry: Paper tape works fine for me. And the Calculator app is the same. Are you sure you completed a calculation? Try it again.

    Bob Smailes
    3 years ago

    Fantastic insight.

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