ClipTools: Using the Calculator Functions

You can use the free app from MacMost to perform calculations and have the result automatically pasted. You can also calculate the selected text or the text in the clipboard.

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    1 year ago

    Clip tools are great. I have a request as I use smart clips a lot. If you can add a label function next to each, that would be helpful. I have to remember which smart clip is for what. In addition, I have noticed that sometimes an Apple page (like safari passwords) will accept the clip, and other times the same Apple page, will not and copy c, copy v is the work around. And in some cases, even that doesn't work.

    1 year ago

    Jonathan: I plan on adding a title function to the Smart Clips at some point. As for Apple pages, I'd love to know the specific page and spot where it isn't working so I can try to recreate the problem and deal with it.

    1 year ago

    Cliptools works great for me. Specifically, I formatted the Paste Time function (yyyyMMddHHmmssSS) to create unique filenames while I am designing things. I occasionally lose something as I'm trying different iterations of a file, so I use Save As and paste in this specially formatted "time" before the file extension to make a quick backup that I can go back to if all doesn't work as planned. These backup files are then deleted at some point when I change to a final version file. Great stuff!

    Ilan Aisic
    1 year ago

    Hi Gary,
    It wouid be nice if you add some other currency symbols. I'm using ₪ (for the Israeli New Shekel). If you open the Character Viewer, you can see all currency symbols supported by default on Mac.

    1 year ago

    How to clear previous calculations?

    1 year ago

    Alan: Hold Shift+Option to remove one.

    11 months ago

    Gary--Thank you so much for giving us Clip Tools. It's an app I've need for a long time and it works so well.

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