Tips For Using Photos In Email Messages From Your Mac

There are many options you have when sending photos in an email message from your Mac. Make sure you are choosing the right size or maybe sharing them instead of sendind them. Also, when you receive a message with photos, there are different ways to view them, save them and even remove them to clear space.

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    Mike Ritchie
    3 years ago

    Great information using photos in email messages. What tips would apply (if any) using photos is imessages.

    3 years ago

    Mike: The main tip for using photos in messages is to only use them to "show" the other person something. Never send a photo to them for storing/archiving/using in some other way. They won't be getting a high resolution version.

    Irma Williams
    3 years ago

    Gary, I received a MacBook Air for Christmas. It has been wonderful to have MacMost! Perhaps because I am 85, I cannot absorb all you are saying because of your rapid speech. Therefore, the accompanying text is a great feature!
    Thank you so much for your help!

    K. Sinclair
    3 years ago

    Terrific lesson--

    carl myers
    3 years ago

    how can i take a picture of my signature and move it where ever i want ?

    3 years ago

    carl: Inside an email message? Typically you sign PDFs, not editable messages like emails. I suppose you could do it just like any photo.

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