For some of us, an FTP program is a basic requirement of any computer. We need to move files to and from server and maintain content on Web sites. There is no lack of FTP programs for the Mac. Plenty to choose from. But Transmit from Panic gives you a simple drag-and-drop interface just technical enough to get things done, but simple enough to be easy to use. It’s powerful too, supporting all sorts of types of file transfer. Well worth $30.

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    12/26/11 @ 3:09 pm

    Is there a way to use Transmit or another app to go one computer to another, one being a Mac and the other a Windows machine.
    My brother and I are trying to put together a recording. IE: I want to send him the drum track so he can record a guitar part and send it back to me for editing, and effects, etc. Point-to-point ftp’ing would seem like the simplest solution.
    Thanks and happy holidays.

      12/26/11 @ 3:28 pm

      No need to use an FTP program for that. Just regular File Sharing. Or, if they are on different networks, something like DropBox.

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