Tripp Lite MacBook Cooling Pad

Laptops get hot. And MacBook Pros are no exception. If you use one as your primary computer, you inevitably think about what that heat must do to the internal parts day after day. Spending $30 on a USB cooling pad is a good idea, and I’ve been using the Tripp Lite NC2003SR Notebook/Laptop Cooling Pad with 2 Built-In USB Powered Fans for years. In fact, I keep it plugged into a USB hub, so it occasionally runs 24 hours a day for days on end. It does its job and is quiet and problem-free.

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    John Hall
    5/27/10 @ 8:59 pm

    I googled apple TV cooling pad and got this, It would be great, except APPLE will not allow you to use the USB port for nothing. I need a cooling fan for my Apple TV. Any suggestions ?

      5/27/10 @ 10:01 pm

      So you want an Apple TV cooling pad? Why? My Apple TV does get hot, but it never seems to be a problem.
      You should be able to get power from the USB port. So it might work. But the size would be much larger than the base of the iPad and there would be extra noise from the fan. Unless your Apple TV is malfunctioning, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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