Turn Your iPhone Into a Musical Instrument With GarageBand

The free GarageBand app from Apple allows you to play your iPhone like a piano, guitar, bass, drum kit or a variety of other instruments. You don't need to learn how to use GarageBand's complex recording and editing tools, you can just jumpo to one of these instruments and play live.

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    Chris Laarman
    4 years ago

    GarageBand had me buy an iPad 2. There are (at least Michael Eskin) or were several developers of ethnic instruments. Some wind-instrument emulations would allow or even require you to blow over the microphone of an iPhone. And there are still some sequencers and other interesting stuff around. Even that iPad 2 had hardly any latency.
    I do hope to find the opportunity to dust the iPad 4 that I have dedicated to music apps.

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