Twitter More, Fight Cancer

Each Friday, you may notice Twitter gets quite a bit greener. No, not Al Gore green, but pea green! Many Twitter users incorporate peas into their avatar in honor of Frozen Pea Fridays, and to raise awareness for the Frozen Pea Fund.

It all started when Susan Renyolds, who is currently fighting breast cancer, wrote a touching blog post involving the comfort of frozen peas. Now she maintains a blog entitled Boobs on Ice, about her battle with the disease, where you can stay in touch with her progress.

The Frozen Pea has raised over $8,000 towards its goal of $25,000. The fundraiser benefits the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research programs. The effort has spread through most other social networks as well, and the story has been covered by several mainstream media outlets as an outstanding example of social media community and activism. You can receive regular updates regarding the Frozen Pea Fund by following the user PEAple on twitter.

If you’d like to contribute, you can donate the cost of a package or two of frozen peas to The Frozen Pea Fund. And at no cost, you can also help raise awareness by simply adding peas to your social media avatars each Friday! Then the next time you’re in a fancy restaurant and you get chided for texting again (I know you’re a Twitter addict), just reply “ahem, I’m just doing my part to fight breast cancer!”

For example: D-list web-lebrity and Twitter user GeekGirlTV:

and D-list web-lebrity and Twitter user GeekGirlTV on Fridays:
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