MacMost Now 45: Unboxing the MacBook Air

Eve Park opens up her MacBook Air and we see what comes in the box.
Video Transcript / Captions
Closed captioning for this video is available on YouTube: MacMost Now 45: Unboxing the MacBook Air.

Hi. This is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. Last week we got our first MacBook air in the office. Let's take a look as Eve Park unboxes the MacBook Air."
"I just got my air, my brand new air and we're gonna unbox it right here, right now. That's what's gonna happen. If we can get in to the tape."
(trying to open box) (Gasps)
"There it is. WOW. Look at that. See the nicely packed. The bare minimal of styrofoam. Wow, I almost don't want to open it. It's too pretty."
(opening package) (Gasps).
"There she is! Well, it's just the way ipods are packaged. Look at that."
"It's got that new gadget smell. Let's see (unwraps plastic covering)Alright, look at that. Ahhhh."
(opening Macbook) "There it is."
"Alright, think they have to plug it in before I turn it on."
(attempting to plug in MacBook.) (mumbles)
"Oh, is it on the other side? There...haha.."
-She dropped it-
"That's the most successful thing we did with the I Phone, was drop it." (laughs)
"Alright, so it's plugged in now. Is it plug, plugged in? "
(Gasps)(opens instructions)
"It comes with a clean cloth. That's a nice little Apple logo on it. Loverly."
"Printed Documentation. "
(opens package insert)
"Dongles,and another Dongle. Two Dongles."
(moving chair out)
"Alright, So what should be our main language?"
(background mumble)
-You hit the any key-
"Not hitting the any key
I only get to watch this once!"
"One interesting things about the MacBook Air packaging is that it's much smaller than previous packaging of laptops. Matter of fact, it's about 50 percent smaller. Apple's doing this in response to claims that it's not very environmental. Less packaging means less waste. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.