Understanding Finder Window Position, Size and View Settings

When you open a new Finder window, it can be confusing as to why the new window is at a specific location, size and view settings. Understanding the difference between Finder windows and folder locations is key, as well as knowing the difference between browsing and opening new windows, and what is remembered by the Finder.

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    Brian Foster
    2 years ago

    The confusion your are resolving in this video is all related to Apple's decision a number of OS's ago to change the Finder behavior from what it had been for decades (likely to resemble a less-capable iPhone's behavior than a Mac's). I still use a a SIMBL to make plain old double-clicking open a folder in a new window just like it did for decades, which is both more functional and instinctual (human interface guidelines): it's easy and obvious to track the folder hierarchy.

    Brian from Boston
    2 years ago

    Your knowledge and understanding of these deep technical issues is OUTSTANDING!
    Thank you!

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