Understanding the Mac Finder Arrange By Setting

Although it has been around for many versions of macOS, the Arrange By setting in the Finder continues to confuse users who try to use it to set the sort order in a Finder window. Arrange By is for grouping files by kind, date, size and other criteria. For simple file name sorting, you should have it set to None, and then use the column headings to sort.

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    6 years ago

    Hi Garry,

    Thanks for another useful one.
    I would like sub-folders in both list view & column view to display first, and then, after that all files in the particular folder.
    Ie, if I sort by Name (alphabetical) then Folders must bie first (0-9; A-Z) and then the files below that (0-9; A-Z)
    Similar to how explorer in Windows worked. Is this possible on Finder List View & Column View?
    Regards, Sas (South Africa)

    6 years ago

    Sas: Not possible with any combination that I can see. It comes down to the fact that if exactly what you want was possible, then exactly what others want would also need to be possible, which means there would be a complex interface that would be difficult to learn/use.

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