MacMost Now 638: Uninstalling Apps In Mac OS X Lion

Uninstalling apps is easy in Mac OS X Lion. If you have purchased an app in the Mac App Store, you can use Launchpad to quickly remove them. Otherwise, you can still use the basic techniques of simply dragging an application to the trash, or running its uninstaller program.

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    13 years ago

    Nice. Didn't know about the Launchpad method.

    12 years ago

    Launchpad sucks. It's much easier to launch apps if you put your Apps Folder in the Dock (and you can subfolder it into, say, Communications, Text, Media etc). This way it's: one click on the App folder icon in the Dock > navigate through alphabetical list to your app > release the button. With Launchpad it's: Launch the Launchpad > stare at the array of icons (I have a lot) > page through them till you find the app you need > double-click it. Way more time and effort.

    That's why I want to remove Launchpad itself. I already deleted the app from the Applications folder (removing "locked" flag first). But now, even though I deleted the app, I still get the Launchpad desktop when I press F4.

    Any advice?

      12 years ago

      You don't want to delete LaunchPad. It does more than just launch applications. For instance, you use it to uninstall apps you buy in the Mac App Store. So you definitely don't want it gone. There's a reason it is locked.
      There are many ways to launch applications in OS X, and you don't need to use or like them all. But don't try to rip out part of OS X just because it is not your preferred method. Just don't use it.
      I rarely use the Dock, in fact. I prefer to launch things from Spotlight Menu.
      Not sure what state your install of OS X is in now that you have removed it from the Applications folder, but it still runs when you press F4. But I wouldn't try to do any further damage by digging any deeper.

        12 years ago

        MAS apps can be easily uninstalled without Launchpad. So, what else does it do, except taking up resources? My policy has always been - if the program is not used, uninstall it. iPhoto, iMovie, iChat, Mail, Chess, even App Store - they are all gone (even though they were all locked), the system works fine, and I'm happy using 3rd-party alternatives. There is NO reason they should be locked. No system is perfect for EVERYBODY and there should be a way to customize it.

          12 years ago

          I wouldn't say it takes up any resources. But it is a part of OS X. It is your Mac, you can do what you want. But I would not recommend to anyone to uninstall it, or iPhoto, Mail, and especially not the App Store. What will happen the first time you want a piece of 3rd-party software that is only available in the App Store?

      12 years ago

      Don't press F4

    Ralph Huskey
    12 years ago

    Hi, Gary,
    Thanks for the video. My wife recently downloaded Wondershare Video Converter (it's a trial version but doesn't say so when I search for it), version 2.6.1 and I've tried everything you've suggested but just cannot get this program off of my MacBook Pro. I purchased this laptop in August, so I have the most recent version of OS Lion.

    Thank you for your time, Gary,


    11 years ago

    Thanks for this. I didn't know about the Launchpad method of uninstalling. I really like Launchpad, I can understand people not liking change though. I embrace it though, got to move with the times :)

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