MacMost: Mac Applications

10 Fun Things You Can Try On Your Mac
Your Mac comes with all sorts of fun hidden things you can try. Capture funny photos and videos of yourself, play drums, listen to radio stations from around the world, lose at chess, and much more.
Understanding How To Install Mac Apps Downloaded From Web Sites
Often when you download apps from third-party web sites you are given a disk image and need to do a drag-and-drop install of the app. New Mac users are sometimes not sure how this works and may not know what to do with the disk image or try to run the app while it is still in the disk image. Learn how to get the app into your Application folder and then run it from Launchpad, Spotlight or the Dock.
Recording Voice Memos On Your Mac
The new Voice Memos app in macOS Mojave allows you to quickly and easily record voice memos and any audio from your Mac's microphone. It keeps a small library of voice memos and lets you go back and append to them, trim them, and edit them. They sync over iCloud with the Voice Memos app on your iPhone and iPad so it is easy to record on one and edit and listen on the other. You can also export the memos as standard audio files.
The macOS Mojave Stocks App
The iOS Stocks app is now also available on the Mac with Mojave. You can track your stocks or search for them by symbol or name. You can view charts and news for each stock.
Understanding Document Versions
When you work with documents in macOS, each time you save you are saving a new version of that document. You can revert to a previous version of that document, or grab some items from a previous version that you may have deleted in your current version. This feature works in all Apple apps and many third-party ones as well.
MacMost Now 638: Uninstalling Apps In Mac OS X Lion
Uninstalling apps is easy in Mac OS X Lion. If you have purchased an app in the Mac App Store, you can use Launchpad to quickly remove them. Otherwise, you can still use the basic techniques of simply dragging an application to the trash, or running its uninstaller program.
MacMost Now 637: Mac App Preference Files
Preference files store your preferences and data for each application. Find out where they are and what they look like. In some cases you may want to delete or restore an old copy of a preference file.