Use Activity Monitor To Find Out What Is Preventing Sleep

One of the many things that Activity Monitor can do is to show you which processes running are preventing your Mac from sleeping. If your Mac isn't sleeping when it should, it could simply be an app you have running in the background that is the cause.

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    7 years ago

    I recently learned this.
    Very timely video.
    After closing the lid on my MBP and leaving
    for several hours, my computer opened up
    without needing a login.  Care explained this
    to me. Now when I leave my computer, I logout
    of my user.

    7 years ago

    DBob: Check System Preferences, Security & Privacy, General. Make sure you gave the "Require Password" option checked and set to "Immediately."

    Alan Bricklin
    7 years ago

    My computer sometimes wakes up during the night (no, it doesn't have an enlarged prostate). Is there a way to check activity over a certain time period? Thanks.

    7 years ago

    Alan: LOL. Nothing I can think of. Usually that is caused by Bluetooth items (keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, etc) or USB peripherals. But it could be software (system extensions and such, not really apps). Also check in Energy Saver under "Wake for network access."

    Peter Eckle
    7 years ago

    I couldn't even find activity monitor. Where is it?

    7 years ago

    Peter: It is in Applications/Utilities. But use Spotlight, or LaunchPad to find it easily.

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