Using a Fisheye Lens With Your iPhone

You can buy cheap clip-on lenses for your iPhone and use the Fisheye lens to capture more of a scene than you can do with a normal photo. This can come in handy for better selfies or in situations where you'd rather have more in the photo even if it is distorted.
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Hi, this is Gary with On today's episode I want to talk about a cool little photo technique. I use my iPhone as my main camera as a lot of us do. In the past I've kind of not really been interested in using these little clip on lenses. I've bought a few mostly to get the telephoto lens so maybe I could get a little bit closer to subjects. But I haven't really used them.

But they all come with this fisheye lenses and I don't like using them because I don't like distorted photography. It distorts the image. But a friend of mine pointed out how cool these could be. You just clip them on. You have to kind of center them over the lens which is easy to do because you're looking at the picture. You can also use them for selfies on the on front. They can capture much more of the scene than just taking a standard photo.

So in a lot of situations while the photo isn't nice and clean as a regular shot you capture so much more scenery that it makes it worthwhile, at least as an alternative shot. I've used them in a variety of situations. I've actually gone from never carrying these things around to now always carrying one of these fisheye lenses with me in my jacket pocket looking for situations for cool photos.

They're really cheap too. At Amazon there are dozens of these different little clip on lens kits. They work for pretty much all the phones so not specific to the iPhone. They can work on just about any phone camera. They run somewhere around ten bucks. Sometimes a little bit more for higher quality ones maybe. But I've got a feeling that really at this price, you know, they're just worth it just for fun just to try out every once in a while. So maybe look for a sale or just shop around for a set and try to play around with the fisheye lens on your iPhone.

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    2 years ago

    Good call. I use Olloclip brand which clips perfectly positioned to the phone using their case. I have telephoto, wide angle, fish-eye, and macros lenses. iPhone photography enhanced! Highly recommended!

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